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Trying Boudoir | Ogdensburg Photographer

Like most moms, I have a group of mom friends that I depend on and we have a group chat to talk about things. The Mom Squad, if you will. While Jill and I were talking about her upcoming boudoir session and then raving about how much fun it was, one of my friends said, "I could never do a boudoir session. I don't have the confidence."

My heart cracked.

We talked it over and she consented to doing a session with me. After that commitment, I had the pleasure of watching her transform from nervous and resistant to over the moon excited. When she walked into my studio, she had balls of steel and was ready to annihilate her boudoir session.

And that is exactly what she did.

From that moment on, I was completely hooked on boudoir. That boudoir experience was just as rewarding for her as it was for me and I wanted to help everyone feel the way she did. CONFIDENT.

NY Boudoir Photographer

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