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My Boudoir Model | Ogdensburg Boudoir Photographer | Saranac Lake, NY

I had a few boudoir sessions under my belt with my friends so now it was time to try it with a stranger to see if this was the business niche for me. I put out a public request for models to help me grow my boudoir photography portfolio. In exchange for their assistance, I would comp their boudoir session. At the time, I remembered thinking how nervous I was when shooting with my friends, what would it be like to work with a complete stranger?! I was so lucky when a friend of a friend applied to model for me. Her email was so sweet and I knew she was the right choice for my model call.

anniversary boudoir

I am a former "Shoot & Burn" photographer meaning I would take the pictures, edit them and give them all to the client on a CD or digital file folder for a really low price. I quickly realized I was not serving my client by making them do all the work that I was good at doing. I was definitely not servicing my family by working long hours doing the editing and not bringing home any sort of income to balance our budget. (I was basically working more than full time and for less than minimum wage.) I have adopted a premium boudoir photography service model and my favorite part is the gallery reveal night! This model's gallery was my first in person reveal and my absolute favorite.

She was moved to tears.

After she viewed her gallery, she revealed to me that she had a really crummy day and this had completely turned it around. She left the studio with so much CONFIDENCE and a better appreciation of herself. *THAT* is the reason why I am wholeheartedly obsessed with boudoir photography. Her mind went from, "I've got short, little legs." to "OMG!! Look at how long my legs are!!"

Whenever I want to throw in the towel, (which is quite often, NYS rules are so frustrating and confusing) I think back to this experience and it helps me press on and adjust my own mind. "Giving up is the easy way out. Lots of women need me to help them reclaim their beauty. Just pull your panties up and figure out the damn business laws."

If you're ready to take the plunge into a boudoir session, check out the free and confidential Dream Shoot Planner!

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