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Wellness Challenge | Ogdensburg NY Photographer

Recently, I have joined a local Mastermind group. It was just the push I needed to stop focusing on numbers and statistics and to take a step back and remember why I love being a boudoir photographer in Ogdensburg NY. Our first assignment was to host a "wellness challenge" or activity. I have always been a big supporter of mental health awareness and activities. (I used to watch my Gram used to do "mental calisthenics" everyday.)

In case you missed it, here is a recap of the 7 day Wellness Challenge.

Day 1:

ogdensburg, NY photographer

Day 2:

Ogdensburg NY photographer

Day 3:

ogdensburg new york photographer

Day 4:

ogdensburg ny photographer

Day 5:

canton ny photographer

Day 6:

canton, ny photographer

Day 7:

northern ny photographer

I encourage you to write these down on a post it note and say these positive phrases out loud as often as you can! Celebrate what you've accomplished and remind you daily that your mental health is worth your time.

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