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Model Call Part II | Ogdensburg Boudoir Photographer | Lake Placid, NY Photographer

My first model call for a boudoir session was a total hit and I was very excited for my second model to show up at the studio! I am still amazed at how kind and willing this beautiful model was. She was just as excited about my business as I was! She is a fitness instructor and body positivity promoter so I knew we would click right from the start.

ogdensburg ny photographer

The thing I loved the most about this model was that she was completely in love with her body, "flaws" and all. I learned so much that day and most of it did not have to do with boudoir photography. I often wonder what my business would be like if our paths had not crossed.

Here are a few things I learned from her:

Never be ashamed of your body.

Keep your passion burning hot.

Keep a positive attitude, even while you're struggling.

Put good vibes out, get good vibes back.

You are WAY bigger than your fears.

After my model call sessions, I also realized that this was my path in life. I needed to be here to help women reclaim their beauty and be with them to celebrate how amazing they are on a daily basis. It was a bittersweet moment because I knew it was time to throw in the towel for Momma Jae Photography and put on my shiny, new Sheer Lace Photography hat.

If you're thinking about treating yourself to a premium boudoir session, check out my Dream Shoot Planner to get all the details!

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