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My Boudoir Muse | Ogdensburg, NY | Boudoir Photographer

All of my clients have been amazing but there are some models I could photograph over and over and never run out of ideas. This boudoir session felt a lot like that! I could tell by her Pinterest board that we had very similar styles. Truth be told, I actually added some of those pins to my own personal board! If I need an image for marketing or posting, I will always go to this gallery first because it is one of my favorites!

Saranac Lake Photographer

This gorgeous group of images reminds me that our youth passes so quickly and it is really important to cherish that time in your life. I definitely regret not having a professional boudoir session done of myself before I had kids so I have made it my mission to help other women get that opportunity.

If you're ready to seize the day and immortalize your body in all it's glory, check out my FREE Dream Shoot Planner and start prepping for your big day.

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