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Maternity Boudoir | Canton, NY Boudoir Photography

Have you ever heard of a "belly sister" before? It is this wonderful bond you can share with someone when you are both growing babies at the same time. It is also someone who knows what struggles you're going through and won't judge you if you whine a little. This gorgeous lady is my two-time belly sister and I was not able to join her for a third time this last winter, but I was able to capture this gorgeous belly in a maternity boudoir session.

Ogdensburg, NY Maternity Photographer

We were able to capture the beauty in her last pregnancy and give her a day of pampering that she deserved. The smile on her face when she told me how awesome her hair and makeup was made me so happy! I was especially giddy when she brought an antique sheer coverup and the gorgeous hair piece that she has worn for all of our photography sessions together.

Canton NY Maternity Photographer

We captured some classic beauty profiles and also some sexy images to share with her husband. One of my proudest posing moments was when I made a {nearly} full term baby bump disappear with proper posing...this is why I love boudoir photography! I love seeing the beauty in every body shape and showing my models exactly what I can see.

We had so much fun laughing and catching up and when my dear friend left, she was on top of the world. I have always loved the shape of a pregnant woman and I couldn't wait to be one! I was the most confident in my body when I was growing a little love inside of me and I want to help other women love their bump too. If you're ready to showcase your beautiful bump in a maternity boudoir session, contact me now and ask about your free gift!

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