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Bridal Boudoir | Ogdensburg NY Boudoir Photographer

Miss L found me and reached out to do a bridal boudoir session for her groom, complete with a bridal veil and all!! This model was so much fun to work with and we were able to work together to create a beautiful gallery together that accentuated her gorgeous booty and made her chest look fuller. The hardest part of the day was choosing which images to include in her groom's boudoir album!

Potsdam NY Bridal Boudoir

A boudoir album is such a great gift for your groom AND yourself. Schedule your bridal hair and makeup with our hair and makeup artist and receive the special Bridal Boudoir pricing! Contact me today to schedule your appointment for a bridal boudoir session that is sure to knock his socks off.

"Sheer Lace Photography: a collaboration of beauty, comfort and confidence."

Canton NY Bridal Boudoir
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