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The Breaking Point | Potsdam NY Boudoir Photographer

One thing I learned with boudoir photography is there is a breaking point for the model. That moment when she fully relaxes in front of the camera and her walls come down.

Ogdensburg Boudoir Photography

It is super intimidating to strip down to next to nothing in front of a stranger (or for some, familiarity makes this anxiety worse!) and worry about getting yourself into a sexy pose. I completely respect every woman who has braved this fear and booked a boudoir shoot with Sheer Lace Photography! That is not something to be taken lightly...bravo!

Canton Boudoir Photography

Every woman who has stepped in front of my lens has been nervous and every one has reached her breaking point with me. At first, I didn't notice it until after the shoot when I was editing pictures. It was this particular gallery that gave me the "Breaking Point Epiphany." I got about halfway through editing and I realized I didn't recognize the model anymore. I FREAKED OUT. I thought maybe there was a break in my system and I had mixed up my images. (Client privacy is very important to me.) Upon closer inspection, I realized this WAS the same client except she wasn't dressed in her nervous energy anymore.

Potsdam Boudoir Photography

She had relaxed into her babe-tastic self and the end result was AMAZING! I knew this had to be ordered as wall art for the whole world to see. This is a huge moment for a woman's self esteem and a 30x40 canvas is the perfect way to celebrate it.

Watertown Boudoir Photography

Some clients reach their breaking point early on in the session and some clients reach it towards the end. At first, I did not know how to detect the breaking point but I have learned to pick up on body language and coach the nervous posing out of my clients. Stiff shoulders, a clenched fist, or a strained smile are cues to me that I need to work my magic and help my client reach the breaking point...she will thank me for it later.

One client suggested selecting images in reverse {which is brilliant, btw!} because the images past the breaking point are so stunning and are the ones she will choose to be featured in her boudoir album or heirloom box.

If you're ready to step in front of my lens, reserve your session. If you need a little more convincing, check out the Dream Shoot Planner. You will be so glad you reached your breaking point, the confidence found there is breathtaking.

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