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White Sheet Session | Ogdensburg Boudoir Photographer

I tried out a new style of boudoir photography, WHITE SHEET SESSIONS. It was amazing. It was magic. It was also with a client who did not want to sign a model release and requested a private gallery. {Which I am 1000% ok with!} I knew FOR SURE that I wanted to offer these for my clients so I used this opportunity to catch up with my BFF and create some beautiful work.

Another special attachment I have to this session is...I recently completed a boudoir posing and lighting course and this was my first session I shot with this newly attained knowledge! I believe there is so much value in investing in your education. You may be good now but you could always be better and that is a fun goal to always be working on.

We are definitely going to need to blow these up to HUGE wall art canvas. They are way to pretty to sit in a computer somewhere collecting virtual dust.

I love the simplicity of these shots. My favorite thing about a White Sheet Session is you don't need to worry and stress over lingerie for your boudoir session. This type of boudoir session makes it very easy to try out the illusion of nude shots without feeling completely exposed.

Schedule your White Sheet Session today or sign up for a free Dream Shoot Planner today!

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