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The Waiting Game | Upstate NY Boudoir Photographer

Traditionally, having your pictures done meant waiting. The wait could be days, weeks, months and in extreme cases...a year or more! The digital age was meant to speed up the process and it a certain extent.

premium boudoir photography

We are able to see the images on the back of our screen instantly and verify that the camera is matching up with the idea in our head. However...with digital images came Photoshop. Now, photographers can spend hours on the computer working on ONE beautiful image! It is easy to get caught up perfecting the images, manipulating them beyond recognition sometimes, for good or for bad. I admit...I've spent too many hours staring at a Photoshop screen, editing, painting, erasing, cloning, dodging, name it!

I have gone from one extreme {not editing at all} to the other {being a Photoshop Wizard} and I have found my stride right in the middle. I have learned how to shoot better to make my editing better and I have learned what I can and cannot fix in post processing...sometimes learning the hard way!

Sooooooo...why do you care about this?

Postsdam NY boudoir photographer

The editing process can take a long time and the mind can play tricks on itself. You leave the shoot feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD. You're gorgeous and you know it. You go about your day all glammed up and when it comes time to take the makeup off and wash your hair, it gets too easy to forget how beautiful you look. You start second guessing yourself. Was that the right outfit? Should you have worked out a little more before my boudoir shoot? Did that pimple pop up before or after my appointment? What about that weird way my hair is wavy in the front? Should I have practiced my facial expressions before the shoot? All of this worrying does nothing but add stress to your plate and I'm proud to present you with SAME DAY VIEWING.

After we finish shooting, I sit down to my computer and immediately start working on your images while you get dressed and pack up your belongings. Grab a warm cup of your favorite beverage or sip on something bubbly in a comfy arm chair by the fire while I work my magic. Check your messages, scroll through Facebook or start watching the newest episode of Grey's on Hulu and before you know it, your gallery will be ready!

Potsdam Boudoir Photographer

Which option would you pick? Waiting weeks and making another appointment to come back and view your images? Or waiting in the comfort of my studio and viewing your images same day? The choice is yours, Boudie Beauty.

Be sure to grab your FREE copy of the Dream Shoot Planner and start dreaming about your boudoir session at Sheer Lace Photography.

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