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Expo Season! || Canton, NY Boudoir Photographer

I'm willing to guess you've been to an expo or a vendor event of some sort. There is wall to wall small businesses and they are all trying to grab your attention...and you should pay attention! Chances are, they paid a lot of money for their space and supplies, left their family for hours and hours, they are starving and thirsty and really want to sit down and veg instead of being there. But they are there because they want the exposure, the chance to meet real people who are interested in helping them grow their business. They have goals, dreams and people relying on them to make their future brighter.

SLP has one vendor event scheduled {more on that later!} and one more prospect on the horizon during the peak of "Engagement Season." Make sure you are a part of the Sheer Lace VIP Facebook group to be the first to know when and where SLP will be setting up. I make sure to give the VERY best deals to the potential clients that are brave enough to step up to my boudoir photography booth and chat with me. <3 The deals are very limited and they ALWAYS sell out...they are just that sweet!

Be sure to grab your FREE copy of the Dream Shoot Planner and start dreaming about your boudoir session at Sheer Lace Photography.

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