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Pet Policy | Massena NY Boudoir Photographer

SLP is a pet friendly studio meaning that the studio is located in my home and we have pets. My fur babies have become the studio mascots over the past year and my clients really love the light hearted comedic relief they can provide.

Upstate NY Boudoir Photographer

However, getting all glammed up in your best lingerie and being posed in a bed full of dog {or cat} hair does NOT sound like a good time. Am I right??

Northern NY Photographer

5 minutes after my clients walk out the door, my dog, Penny, is all up in that studio bed. {Can you blame her, it is crazy comfortable!!} She is half the reason why I wash all my bedding the morning of every session and run a vacuum over the furniture. {The other reason is because fresh sheets are soooooooooooo of the best feelings ever!} I even wash the bedding in a special detergent to make it friendly to all types of skin sensitivities. #goodbyeharshchemicals

Upstate NY Photographer

If you have allergies, please let me know ahead of time and we can discuss the potential options and/or alternate locations and make the best decision for YOU. A boudoir session at SLP is all about tailoring the experience to you and I'm sure you don't envision yourself sneezing up a storm.

Be sure to grab your FREE copy of the Dream Shoot Planner and start dreaming about your boudoir session at Sheer Lace Photography.

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