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Some new threads | Potsdam NY Boudoir Photographer

I have been scouring Facebook and the internet for some furniture for my studio. I was using my wicker set that belongs on my front porch as my studio furniture. It is really nice but...I really want my wicker set back outside during the warmer months! I decided that I wasn't going to settle for just ANY ol chair...I wanted a chair that was comfortable AND looked pretty enough to be photographed. I wanted an antique wingback chair. Two if I could be lucky enough to find them!

I've seen many wing back chairs on the online garage sale sites. They were either CRAZY expensive, terribly ugly or in rough shape, really far away or...ALREADY SOLD. The latter seemed to happen to me all the time! Finally, the stars aligned and I found this beautiful chair at a local furniture store that had been brought in for a trade in. I was so excited I didn't even take the time to pick up the mess behind me and whip out my "real" camera.

While I was there, the lady said..."Oh by the way...we have another nice chair that I think you will like!" I would have loved similar chairs to pull the room design together but this chair was completely different and I loved it too! On the plus side, miss matched chairs means I have two different chair looks instead of one. I knew these chairs would be great for a boudoir session! My daughter was kind enough to model for me with the pink chair.

I am so happy to get my wicker furniture back {even if it is too cold to use it outside} and also score some beautiful new props for future clients! Now I'm studying sexy chair poses to add to my bag of tricks.

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