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I AM ENOUGH || Upstate NY Boudoir Photographer || Potsdam, NY Boudoir Photographer

The best advice I have ever heard is from my dear friend, Molly who operates Millennial Currency. In her blog post she wrote, "do the job you would do for free." This really resonated with me because it instilled in my heart that I needed to close my second photography studio, Momma Jae Photography and focus on my passion, boudoir photography with Sheer Lace Photography.

I love being a boudoir photographer...but it hasn't always been that way. I struggled for almost 10 years with photography. I had a picture in my mind of the photographer I was meant to be and the work I would produce. I would focus on babies, children and families. Perfectly lit, impeccably posed and interesting portraiture work. I thought I would love it once...I made my studio prettier...once I got my lighting down...once I had better equipment...once I had more get the picture.

I started my boudoir photography brand and quickly realized that not everyone is accepting to this nitch as I thought. I was making women feel beautiful and confident, what could be wrong with that? Well...after being called a "porn photographer" a few times, I learned there is definitely a negative stigma associated with boudoir photography that I needed to battle.

Then my boudoir photography mentor, Molly Keyser, rocked my world with one simple sentence. I AM ENOUGH.

I'm always telling my clients they are beautiful now, not in 10 pounds and they deserve to love themselves. Yet here I was being super hypocritical with myself and my business. Will my boudoir photography business will continue to grow and evolve? YES! All that matters is that I'm giving you my best work and helping you reclaim your beauty. Watching my clients break out of their shell and loving themselves is the best feeling in the world. <3

Canton NY Boudoir Photographer

If you are struggling with your self worth, please repeat this sentence out loud. (It really works!!) I AM ENOUGH.

Be sure to grab your free Dream Shoot Planner to start yourself on the path of confidence building and #reclaimyourbeauty with boudoir photography.

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