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Then&Now || Watertown, NY Boudoir Photographer

The "booty shot" has been a popular request for my Ogdensburg NY boudoir photography studio but (hehe, pun intended) the "one with the red shoes" has always always been the #1 pick for "favorite image on my website" in their questionnaire. I provide my clients with a questionnaire prior to their session so I can get a general idea of what they like and any ways I can make it more personal.

I have enjoyed seeing the progression of "the booty shot" over this last year and love seeing how every client is beautiful in her own way.

Basically, what I've learned is that booty is beautiful and heels are a girl's best friend!

Get your Dream Shoot Planner and get your own booty shot from a boudoir photographer who has been trained to pose ALL body types.

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