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My favorite Disney Princess || Ogdensburg, NY Boudoir Photographer

I am unashamed to admit that I am a Dis-nerd 100%. The ability to watch classic Disney movies with my kids was definitely a perk of motherhood that I was looking forward to and fully embraced. Unfortunately, it is like pulling teeth to get my kids to watch the oldies but we are watching the NEW movies. I'm a little behind the times, but we have finally succumbed to the Frozen epidemic. (I'm sorry if "Let it Go" will be stuck in your head all day now because of me.)

princess boudoir

We borrowed Frozen from the library last year and I half watched it with the kids and I remember thinking, "Oh man, all the feels" but I didn't pay close enough attention to it at the time. My daughter received it as a gift for Christmas this year and so we watched it...and again...and probably know the drill.

I don't know if it is just me or not but I found myself crying...multiple times. Elsa is forced by society to keep her feelings inside, conform to society's ideals and is brainwashed to hate who she really is and what makes her special...does that sound familiar at all?! One day, she does something that terrifies her and she decides that she is going to put on her big girl panties and do ONE THING to love herself just the way she is. This, my friends, is why I am so passionate about boudoir photography. Elsa never looked more radiant than when she was building her {gorgeous} ice castle and embracing her gift That is the same look I see when my clients break out of their shell. That shell protects them from the world and it's negative views on a woman's appearance. I take away their shell and I give them an armor of confidence to go into their world and encourage their loved ones to do the same.

canton ny photographer

Now that I have psychoanalyzed a children's movie, I go back to the Dis-nerd proclamation. One item on my bucket list for 2018 is to photograph a Disney princess styled boudoir session. If you're interested in booking a session with me and bringing a princess styled lingerie, book your session and use coupon code "PRINCESS" to get a royal discount on your session retainer.

Ogdensburg photographer

If you would like more information on a session with Sheer Lace Photography (princess or not), check out the Dream Shoot Planner to start down the road to your boudoir appointment.

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