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Boudoir Fears || Northern NY Boudoir Photographer

I had a client recently confide in me after she booked her boudoir session. For the sake of privacy, I'll call her Suzy. She told me she wanted to gift her husband a boudoir album for their anniversary. They had been married for five years and they had one child together. She told me that she had always wanted to do a boudoir session but she had so many doubts and fears.

upstate ny boudoir photographer

She didn't "bounce back" after she had her baby and was struggling with loving her body.

She doesn't spend much time on her hair and makeup regularly and thought she would look silly.

She didn't think she looked as good as the women in my portfolio.

She was afraid people would see her pictures and judge her.

She was especially nervous to get half naked in front of a stranger.

She did not think it was something she could afford.

She was worried what her friends and family would think of her if they knew she did it.

upstate ny boudoir photography

She had been a member of the Sheer Lace VIP Facebook group for about a year and she decided to make that insane leap of faith and booked a boudoir session. She confided in my with her fears and I'm so glad she did! The truth is, it is totally normal to have these fears and feel nervous. I always say, "If you're not nervous, I don't want to work with you because you're probably a weirdo." Her nerves melted away and she laughed! We proceeded with getting her all glammed up for her session and she was able to relax while having her hair and makeup done in the studio.

New York boudoir photographer

As soon as hair and makeup is done, she got those butterflies in her stomach again. It's go time...time to get "nekkid" in front of a the nerves come back, but not as strong this time. We have chatted, laughed, learned a little more about each other during the past hour and she knows that she can't and doesn't want to back out now. She knows that I offer the option of a 100% private gallery and there is not a purchase requirement so if she doesn't love the images, she can pretend it never happened and nobody has to know.

Canton NY Boudoir Photography

I start with a pose I nicknamed "the easy peasy" and she is a little skeptical but follows the simple direction I have given her. I explain my posing process to her while she gets comfortable and we begin. "Snap, snap, snap, snap. *check the back of the camera* OMG. LOOK AT THIS SHOT...YOU LOOK UHHHHH-MAZING." I show her the back of the camera and from that moment on, she realizes that I'm not BS-ing her, she really does look as beautiful as the other women in my portfolio, she can love her body and this is definitely an experience worth budgeting for because she is worth every penny.

If you have fears like this too, check out the Dream Shoot Planner to get answers to the questions you may have about a boudoir session in Ogdensburg NY.

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