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Love your booty | Boudoir Photography

If I had a dollar for every time a woman said they didn't like their butt...I'd have a lot of dollars and probably not have to work again! (Which is totally sad because I love my job as a boudoir photographer!)

*My butt is too flat.

*My butt is too big.

*My butt is too long.

*My butt is too short.

*My butt skin is uneven.

*My butt has too much cellulite.

New York Boudoir Photography

The list goes on...I've heard it all and I'm here to tell you...BE KIND TO YOUR BOOTY. I promise you, the reason why you don't like your butt has nothing to do with your ACTUAL glutes. When you see your bum, usually you're looking in a mirror and stretching yourself around to view it. That pulls your skin in all kinds of directions and it's not *actually* what your booty looks like. You're also probably looking at it under that harsh bathroom mirror lighting...not flattering AT ALL. If you've seen your bum in a picture, the chances of it being an intentional pose are slim to none and therefore also not an accurate representation of what your bum looks like. (For example, you wouldn't slouch down on purpose when you're getting your picture taken...but you might be slouched over right this very minute!)

The short version is this: With the help of proper wardrobe, posing and lighting...I WILL help you love your booty again through the art of Boudoir Photography. I've photographed over 70 clients and recently I had a client who saw her booty picture and her reaction was pure "meh." She was going to put the image into her album because it was a nice looking image but she wasn't thrilled about it. I said to her, "Take off your pants and go get in the bed right now." I'm not usually this bossy but we had developed great rapport and I was joking with her. We took a few more pictures and when I showed them to her...she went from "Meh, that's my butt" to "OMG, I love it...I love my booty!"

If you're ready to love your booty, check out the Dream Shoot Planner to get more information on a Boudoir Session with Sheer Lace Photography and details on how to book a session in our Ogdensburg, NY boudoir studio.

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