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Behind The Scenes! | Boudoir Photographer

One of the funniest parts of the experience is watching me get in and out of poses to show you how it's done. I'm pretty awkward and uncoordinated so it's really funny and if I can do can too! As I'm directing my clients, I'm mimicking or mirroring the motions and positions I want them to be in.

NY boudoir photographer

I'm not afraid to make myself look like a fool if it means the end result is you looking GORGEOUS. If you're worried about posing...DON'T! If you're worried about making the "sexy faces"...DON'T! I will coach you all the way down to your fingertips to ensure that you look the amazing and walk away with images that you love and newfound (or rediscovered!) confidence and self love.

If you want more information on booking a boudoir session in the Ogdensburg, NY boudoir studio, grab a Dream Shoot Planner.

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