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'Tom Boy' Boudoir | Syracuse Boudoir Photography

Updated: May 2, 2021

Most women assume they have to be a 'girly girl' to do a boudoir session. Totally not the case!! One of my beautiful clients recently told me that she unpacked shin guards, gym clothes and other sports gear so she could fill her bag with lingerie for her boudoir session. She wasn't sure she could do a boudoir photo shoot but she had the courage to try it and she ROCKED her boudoir session. Even if you're a self proclaimed 'tom boy' you too can rock a sexy boudoir shoot!!

Boudoir photography is an expression of yourself. Want to glam up your everyday look, you're in the right place! If you want to dress up like a princess or a model for the day, that's great! If you feel more comfortable in a tank top or an oversized sweater with knee high socks...that's great too! The beautiful thing is the only limit is your imagination.

Want to stretch your feminine muscles and try out boudoir photography? Grab the Dream Shoot Planner and get the answers to many commonly asked questions about a boudoir shoot in Ogdensburg, NY.

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