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Beauty in darkness | Northern NY Boudoir Photographer

9 out of 10 clients are shocked by my shooting room.

The other one is too polite to say anything. ;)

It has no windows.

It is dark.

It is actually really small.

The ceiling is so low I hit my head sometimes.

However, I don't let those excuses prevent me from creating BANGIN' images and making my clients feel amazing. It makes me so proud to show you the beauty in every situation...even a windowless, cramped faux-bedroom.

The above picture is a freeze frame from a video I recently took using my cell phone. The picture below is a better representation of what I'm producing using my professional grade camera.

Also worth noting is this image has NOT been edited. You don't need photoshop to look beautiful. You need a professional photographer who is trained to pose all body types and will welcome you in and help make you feel comfortable enough to get this vulnerable.

Maybe you don't think you're as beautiful as the women in my portfolio? That's ok. Most have said they didn't either. They had doubts but the dug deep and found that one moment of insane courage and booked their boudoir session. They were nervous, scared, on the brink of puking...I've heard it all...then I flipped the camera around and showed them their beauty...and THEY BELIEVED ME. Get more information on a boudoir session in Ogdensburg, NY in the Dream Shoot Planner.

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