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Y'all Ready For This?! | Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

In the last blog post, I discussed my fears and pre-session jitters when facing my OWN boudoir photography session. The regular, everyday human part of my brain went a little something like this: *You are not ready for a boudoir session.

*You do not have anything to wear.

*You need to lose weight.

*You're face is going to look so weird.

*Highly doubt your hair is going to look right since you had bangs cut.

*Your photographer friends will see you nakey and judge you.

*Some of those photographers are strangers.

*Some of those photographers are men! *You're going to look terrible in your photos.

*Better just skip this and try again next year when you're more {insert ideal nonsense here}

I was 99% on board with having a boudoir session done but that 1% of my brain was MEAN and LOUD. Why does she get to dictate my decisions if she's the minority? She didn't, I decided to go for it. I literally typed "YES" and then took a deep breath in and out, closed my eyes and hit SEND with my pinky.

Looking back now, I'm SO grateful I said yes! I instantly put myself into the shoes of my beautiful (and scared) clients. I have always respected my client's bravery but now I have an EXTRA appreciation for how much courage they have to walk through my gorgeous French Doors and make themselves vulnerable and uncomfortable. If you're scared to book a boudoir photography session, I'm here to say...I hear you and your feelings are justified but dig deep and find your courage. You'll be so glad you did!

I was first treated to professional Hair and Makeup services at a nearby salon in Austin, Texas. Despite working with some of the best hair and makeup artists in Northern NY, I have never had my OWN hair and makeup done before! It was so amazing, seriously it made my face feel so good! Having the HMUA put the foundation on my skin was my favorite part because it felt like a facial massage. Then the stylist said that she was going to give me big hair because we are in Texas and everything is bigger in Texas! I'm not complaining about the extra inch she added to my height.

This was also the first time I had false eyelashes applied and I actually really loved them! They were so comfortable, I didn't even realize I had them on for most of the day. I even slept in them too! I will DEFINITELY be trying this out again. All in all, before the boudoir session even began...I was already so happy with my decision to pursue this boudoir photography session. It was pushing me out of my comfort zones in all the right ways!

In the next blog post, I'll be talking in more detail how my shoot went, share images from the boudoir shoot and talk more about my fears and expectations! If you'd like more info on booking a boudoir photography shoot of your own, get your FREE Dream Shoot Planner and see if this is the right fit for you!

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