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Polishing the Rock | Best Syracuse NY Photography Studios

Updated: May 2, 2021

If I had a magic wand, my boudoir photography studio in Ogdensburg, NY would have been picture perfect from the 1st day I moved in this past May. The floors were plywood, the walls were white and there are a couple corners of my studio that could REALLY use some TLC.

Ogdensburg Photography Studio

However, one thing I've learned in life is that anything worth having does not come easy and my boudoir studio is no exception. To help keep prices lower for my beautiful and deserving clients, I have done most of the renovation work myself with the help of my husband.

Photography Studio

This studio has been a work in progress from Day 1 and I really embraced the challenges it has brought. Since the gem was so rough to begin with, I have been able to polish it off and make this space into whatever my dreams could fathom!! I'm not afraid of a little hard work and if it means I can help more women reclaim their beauty, I'm definitely all in!

For the past year, I've had my desk tucked away in the corner my main studio room. It hasn't been a problem until recently when I decided to branch out from exclusively shooting my client's boudoir sessions on the the the the antique the main French Doors....basically I have been exploring all of the possible sets in my studio to give my clients better variety and quality of images!

That being said, I find myself choosing not to take certain shots because my desk would end up in the frame. (I am NOT the most tidy when it comes to my desk either!) Or if I do take the shot and I love it...I have to do a LOT of work in post processing to hide my desk. This project is WAY overdue and I cannot wait to get started! The before pictures are a bit rough but I know this rock will polish up into a gem in no time at all.

If you're interested in a boudoir session in Ogdensburg, NY with Sheer Lace Photography but you're not sure if it's right for you...grab a Free Dream Shoot Planner! I look forward to chatting with you soon!

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