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Throw Back Boudoir | Northern NY Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jan 9

I want to take a minute to revisit a photo I took WAY back in 2016 when I first started my boudoir photography journey. When I started this wonderful journey, I was shooting with my friends. I learned that a boudoir session boosts confidence and I was instantly hooked!

Embarking on this journey, I faced my fair share of fears. Why? Because I knew deep down that this was my calling, and I was determined to make it happen. I put my own money down to pay for my model to be pampered with a local Hair and Makeup Artist. I gave out my home address which went against everything my Momma taught me growing up!

The self-doubt crept in – Was I experienced enough? What if I made my model feel bad about her self image? Would I have good images to kickstart my business? Despite the uncertainties, I pressed on.

My first model, an absolute gem, made the experience unforgettable. As I sat down to review the images, I reached the last one and audibly gasped. That particular shot signaled a turning point. I had nailed the lighting, exposure, posing, and angle – it was a game-changer. It became evident that I had the potential to be a boudoir photographer.

Excitement bubbled up, and I couldn't wait for her return to reveal the images. Her reaction was priceless – she loved every single one. Reflecting on this photo now, I can spot areas for improvement (hello, badly photoshopped floor!), but overall, I'm still immensely proud. This is the photo that changed the trajectory of my career.

If you'd like more info on booking a boudoir photography shoot of your own, get your FREE Dream Shoot Planner and see if this is the right fit for you!

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