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Steamy Shower Sessions | Rome, NY Photographer

Updated: May 2, 2021

I learned ALL ABOUT steamy shower boudoir sessions this past April at Boudie Camp Live 2019 in Austin, TX.

Shower Boudoir New York

So of course as soon as I got home, I couldn't WAIT to set up my own boudoir shower set. I took my time and really planned out where and how I was going to set up this shower. My awesome commercial boudoir studio has a bathroom with a shower's bright blue. Not exactly the bright and airy boudoir look I was going for. Finally, I had the supplies and I busted out my purple tool kit and got the whole set installed by myself, like a boss.

Ok, so it isn't exactly laying tile and installing hardware Fields Ingenuity helped me put together this quick shower set up for my client that would be arriving any minute! I found some extra vinyl flooring in my back room, taped up the clear shower curtain and hung the sheer curtains to soften the light coming in. I got a spray bottle with some water in it and I could not WAIT to get my boudoir client in the shower!

steamy shower boudoir

Let me tell you, it was magic! I am so excited to add this set to my boudoir sessions! The beauty behind this setup is that you do not need to get your hair and makeup wet to get the steamy shower look. Many of my clients plan a date night or a girls night out the evening of their boudoir session so they can show off their professional hair styling, professional makeup application and their newly reclaimed confidence!

Have you grabbed your Dream Shoot Planner yet? See if a boudoir session with Sheer Lace is right for you!

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