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Boudoir Glasses | St. Lawrence County Photographer

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I get asked all the time...should I wear my glasses during my boudoir session?

There really isn't one SOLID answer to this one, it depends!

A boudoir session in Ogdensburg NY at Sheer Lace Photography is so custom to what you want and need. Some women come to their boudoir session and they want to learn embrace themselves and be exactly who they are. They leave their glasses on during their

and when they look at their images, they feel so beautiful as themselves!

Some women come to their session and they want to have a whole transformation experience. They want the whole "nerd shakes out her ponytail hair and takes off her glasses in the movie" makeover experience. They are comfortable with their looks but they want to try something new for a change and REALLY get glammed up.

Let me start by saying this: There is nothing wrong about either experience, one is not better than the other. There is actually a third option too: Wear your glasses for one or two outfits and then take them off for the remaining shots! I always advise my clients, when you are getting new glasses...always get the anti-glare coating. Your photographs will thank you! I can pose you in such a way that the glare is reduced on your glasses but typically it's easier and more comfortable to have anti-glare glasses or to not wear them at all.

boudoir photography in northern ny

Wait, what happens if I don't wear glasses or contacts?'re super lucky! If you WANT to wear glasses during your shoot, there are some really cute frames on Amazon that do not have any magnification at all.

photographer in Massena NY

What do you think? If you wear glasses, would you wear them to a boudoir session? Get a free Dream Shoot Planner today and see if this boudoir experience is right for you.

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