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What to Expect: Editing | New York Boudoir Photographer

How much is too much? With anything in life, lots of things COULD be done...but SHOULD they be done? That's the question!! In my opinion, editing is required for boudoir photography because my camera will pick up and retain WAY more detail that my eye will. Therefore, some post processing adjustments are required but editing my images starts long before I sit down at my computer.

Boudoir Photographer Canton NY

First of all, I partner with some of the best hair and makeup artists in St. Lawrence County to help you look and feel amazing. My primp squad have all the tools, tricks and knowhow to make you look your absolute best. Usually a client will tell me they have a pimple that just showed up the morning of their session...but I can't even tell because my team has done such an amazing job of covering it!

Boudoir Photography Potsdam NY

I have a couple rules when I edit the images I have created. One rule is less is more, it is not my goal to make Barbie jealous of you. Real humans have skin with pores, hair, wrinkles, scars, etc. I don't want to make you less you through Photoshop so if it is something that won't go away in 3 days, I don't edit it unless you specifically ask me to. Bruises, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, blemishes...those are all easy to correct with edits. The only exception to this 3 day rule is sun burns and tan lines. These are extremely difficult to edit out and may result in addition editing charges. I would advise you avoid long periods of time in the sun and really hit the sunscreen hard! (Which you should do anyway because...melanoma but...that's a different topic for a different blog post!)

So here is an example of an image I have created, straight out of the camera:

Ogdensburg Photographer

And here is what my typical edit would look like:

Boudoir Photographer Ogdensburg NY

That's not where it ends, there is another level to editing and it looks like this:

If you aren't happy with your wrinkles, that's ok! If you aren't happy with your tummy, that's ok! If you aren't happy with your stretch marks, that's ok! My goal is for you to look at your images and feel absolute love for yourself. I want you to focus on what you love, not on what you hate so if this extra level of editing is what you desire let me know and I will make sure your images are your version of perfection!

Whether you are looking to celebrate your body the way it is or you'd prefer to see yourself in a different light, we have got you covered, Beauty! <3

If you have any questions on a boudoir session with Sheer Lace Photography, grab your Free Dream Shoot Planner today!

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