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What to Expect: Editing | New York Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jan 9

Alright, let's demystify the world of boudoir photo editing and why it matters. The big question: how much editing is too much? It's a delicate balance – what could be done versus what should be done. And in my book, some post-processing is definitely on the "should" list. But here's the kicker: editing begins long before I sit down at my computer.

Boudoir Photographer Canton NY

First things first, I'm all about collaboration, so I've teamed up with some of the finest hair and makeup artists in St. Lawrence County. These miracle workers know all the tricks to make you look and feel fantastic. I've had clients worried about a surprise pimple on the morning of their session, only for them to be completely blown away to see that it's not visible after their professional makeover!

Boudoir Photography Potsdam NY

Now, let's talk editing rules. Rule number one: less is more. The aim isn't to make Barbie envious of you. Real humans have pores, hair, wrinkles, scars – the whole beautiful package. I steer clear of excessive Photoshop to ensure you remain authentically you. If it's something that won't vanish on it's own in three days, I leave it be unless you ask otherwise. Bruises, cuts, scrapes, bug bites – those are easy fixes and will automatically be edited out unless otherwise requested. The exception to the three-day rule is sunburns and tan lines. It can be done but they're tricky to edit, and may result in additional charges if the skin tone difference is severe. Pro tip: sunscreen is your friend!

So here is an example of an image I have created, straight out of the camera:

Ogdensburg Photographer

And here is what my typical edit would look like:

Boudoir Photographer Ogdensburg NY

But wait, there's more! There's an extra level of editing, a little something like this:

If you want to smooth out wrinkles or tweak any other details, that's perfectly okay. The goal is for you to look at your images and feel a flood of self-love. Focus on what you adore, not what you're not thrilled about. If this extra level of editing is your vibe, just let me know, and we'll make sure your images align with your version of perfection.

Whether you're all about celebrating your body as it is or prefer a different perspective, we've got your back, Beauty! If you have questions about a boudoir session with Sheer Lace Photography, snag your Free Dream Shoot Planner today! 📸💖

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