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Battling Mental Disorders | Syracuse NY Boudoir Photography

Updated: May 2, 2021

It is staggering the number of women who suffer silently with mental health disorders. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I realize that I am not alone! I have spoken in depth with so many women in my career and many of them at least mention depression or anxiety.

Halloween Boudoir

I have a few friends in the mental health field and I am also a huge advocate for counseling. The myth that is being perpetuated by society is that you need to be crazy to see a counselor but that could not be further from the truth! A professional counselor will help you process your thoughts, guide you through difficult situations and teach you coping mechanisms that are so valuable in life!

When I find myself in a difficult patch of life, I take a step back and remember that women are counting on me to help them reclaim their beauty. I have had clients contact me after their session and the are so thrilled with their newfound confidence. To my immense joy, they have told me it has helped them with their anxiety and depression because when they are having a tough time, they pull out their album or look up at the gorgeous canvas on their wall and remind themselves how worthy they are. Boudoir photography is not a magic pill and I am not a counselor...but I do my best to give my clients the best tools I can to know that they are beautiful, worthy and they make the world better.

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