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The Beginning | Ogdensburg, NY Boudoir Photography

How did you get started in boudoir??

I was shooting a bride getting ready for her wedding in 2009 when she asked me to do something for her.

Her: Ummmmmm, would you mind doing something for me?

Me: Yeah, sure! What do you need?

Her: I want to do something for my groom. It's this new thing called boudoir photography and I think he would love that.

Me: (in my head, will you still pay me for your wedding if I say no??) Sure, let's do this!!

That was the start of my boudoir journey, although I had no idea I would end up here! I wish I had permission to share my first experience because it was (technically speaking) BAD. She was beautiful and her outfit was so cute but the lighting was all wrong and I did not know how to help her pose.


Fast forward 6 years and my BFF, Jill, is asking me for a favor. "Yeah, sure! What do you need?" She wants to do boudoir pictures for her fiance for their 10 year anniversary together. Again, in my head, I'm so hesitant and uncomfortable doing it. However, she is my BFF and has always given my kids such amazing hand-me-downs so I said, "Sure, let's do this!!"

Side note: Her bedroom is drool-worthy: the perfect paint color, hardwood floors and an entire wall of windows. Every boudoir photographer's dream!

I was feeling a little more confident in this session because:

a: in the past 6 years I had learned how to use my camera beyond auto

b: I had just purchased a new lens and it was meeting and exceeding my expectations

c: I had just watched a boudoir training video so I thought I knew exactly what I was doing

Upstate NY Boudoir

Luckily for me, Jill is beautiful and a natural model because I still had no idea how to coach boudoir posing. During that session I learned that I loved my new lens, I absolutely adore natural light photography and I might be interested in this boudoir thing.

If you're ready to take the plunge into a boudoir session, get your free Dream Shoot Planner!

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