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Boudie Shorts Review | Boudoir Certified

Boudoir Certified Review

If you're a photographer and you're looking to go full time in photography, you have GOT to check out Boudoir Certified from Boudie Shorts. I have taken many courses from Molly but this one pushed my business over the edge into full time. It was so great...I had to find additional child care and double up on my session days to accommodate all my new bookings in the SECOND WEEK of the program!

I was also able to raise my average sale by $300 and paid off the course within the first month after purchasing it. This isn't an easy course to get results with but if you do the work and follow the course, you will see results! These aren't magic fixes but the results will feel magical when these strategies work! On top of being more organized and efficient, my clients are so much happier with my new processes, skills and techniques. I was also able to purchase my own studio and pay in full! No mortgage or rent for me! The freedom this course has allowed me is unreal, it would make me so happy if all my photographer friends took up this course...newborn photography or wedding photography or any kind of photography!

Boudie Shorts Review

If you're thinking about taking this leap of faith and are hesitant, feel free to email me at or send me a private message on Facebook. This was the best decision I could have made for my family, my clients and myself and I'm so grateful to have met Molly and the wonderful community of #BoudieBabes in the Boudoir Certified community.

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