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Boudoir Confidence | New York Boudoir Photographer

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “damn I look good today!”?

With a boudoir session, you get to have that feeling x10,000.

With professional hair and makeup, the right lighting, the right posing… you’re going to see yourself the way everyone else sees you…’re going to feel beautiful and sexy and free.

When my clients see the first image we create with them on the back of my camera they’re blown away. They almost always ask me, “wait is that really me!?” “wait, how is that mee??”

The answer is YES! That’s YOU! 100% real raw you...and we haven’t even retouched the photo at all at this point!

NY Boudoir
Image straight out of camera, isn't she stunning?!

They get to see themselves as the people who love them see them. Unleashed, free, happy.

You might be thinking well “I’m not photogenic” or “if I lost 10 lbs first” but the very fact that you’re saying those things in your head are the very reasons you need a boudoir shoot.

You deserve a time out for yourself.

When you can grow your mindset around your self beliefs that effect will trickle down to your family, friends and other loved ones.

What could possibly be a better investment in your life then waking up each morning feeling so much love for yourself and going out and being able to spread that onto others.

So are you ready to multiply how much you love yourself by 10,000? Get instant access to our free Dream Shoot Planner and trust yourself to reclaim your beauty.

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