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Boudoir Pampering | Northern NY Photographer

Imagine: you’re sitting in a chair while someone styles your hair in a way that you never could (and even if you knew how… who has the time?!)

A makeup artist is making you look like you… but flawless. With sexy eyes and perfect skin.

And then you spend an hour hearing how beautiful you are, how radiant you look, and even you can’t believe your eyes!

Then you sit down and view photo after photo and you start to think, “ok damn...what twilight zone is this because I LOOK HOT and these photos aren’t even edited yet!”

...and then you start to believe what other people have been saying about you for years.

That you’re gorgeous. And you finally start to believe it.

Doesn’t THAT sound like an incredible way to spend a couple hours of your time?

We take care of everyone else - the kids, our parents, the house, our pets… but who’s taking care of you?

Let me and my team pamper you for a day. Grab your free Dream Shoot Planner and make the decision to reclaim your beauty.

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