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Positive Affirmations for Confidence | Syracuse NY Boudoir Photography Studio

Today, I would like to share with you some positive affirmations for increasing your confidence. I'm even including these beautiful graphics for you to save and use as your lock screen or home screen or both as my gift to you.

My all time favorite affirmation to say is "Positive thoughts, positive outcomes." Here is a few more that you can repeat as often as you can to boost your confidence.

I let go of the negative feelings about myself, and accept all that is good.

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I don't need validations from other to know how good I am.

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I accept compliments from others.

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I can let go of my insecurities.

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I deserve to feel good about myself.

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I can embrace my flaws and imperfections.

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I love how I look.

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I see myself walking confidently into every situation.

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I radiate with confidence; people around me can feel it.

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The most important part of repeating affirmations is to believe them, even if it's just for a moment. The more you say them, the more you believe they are true. So open your mind for a moment and think how amazing it is for these affirmations to be TRUE!

Starting in 2022, Sheer Lace Photography is now offering Confidence Checkups. Schedule your complimentary Confidence Checkup and we will walk you through steps you can take to build your confidence.

We have helped hundreds of women boost their confidence with our boudoir experience. Get your Dream Shoot Planner or head over to our calendar and book your appointment today.

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