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Spooky Babes Part II | New York Boudoir Photographer

In the last blog post, I promised you that the first two Spooky Babes gave us permission to share their BOO-tiful images. (Sorry for the Dad jokes but they are just too good to resist!)

Spooky Babe S told us that she was born on Halloween so OF COURSE she was a Spooky Babe! She absolutely rocked her session and left the studio beaming with confidence!

This beautiful client loved her images so much that she cried when she saw a sneak peek at the back of my camera! She was so nervous before her session but it was all worth it because she had the most amazing transformation of her body image. She is beautiful and now she knows it and OWNS it.

HOW AMAZING IS SHE?! So amazing! If you want to change the way you think about your body, schedule your own boudoir experience in our calendar and join the hundreds of women who have reclaimed their beauty with Sheer Lace Photography.

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