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Spooky Babes! | Themed Boudoir near Syracuse, NY

Updated: May 2, 2021

Ok, so maybe you're thinking, "I don't want a cheesy themed boudoir session so I won't ask to be a Spooky Babe." I get it. When you think of a boudoir session with Sheer Lace Photography, you're expecting a classy session that highlights your beauty and elegance. Halloween just doesn't scream elegant, right? WRONG.

Classy dark and moody boudoir setup for Halloween Boudoir sessions
Halloween Boudoir Ogdensburg NY

I am so proud with how the Spooky Babe set turned out and it is my goal to produce classy images using this new set. I specialize in bright and air boudoir images but I also give my clients a few "dark and moody boudoir" choices in their gallery to provide variety. In the image below, I added a few "fall" throw pillows to give her cozy sweater outfit a warm touch. We loved this image so much!

Fall boudoir themed session in Northern NY
Fall Babe Boudoir

A spooky themed boudoir session in Ogdensburg NY
Spooky Babe Boudoir

In either the "Fall Babe" set or the "Spooky Babe" set, my client and I were thrilled with how her beauty was highlighted during her premium boudoir session in Ogdensburg, NY.

If you weren't a fan of "themed" boudoir sessions, I hope I have helped to open your mind about how beautiful they can be. Huge thank you to our first few Spooky Babes who gave us permission to share their gorgeous Spooky Babe Boudoir images. They totally put the BOO in BOO-TIFUL.

If you want to be a Spooky Babe too, schedule your session during October and you will have access to this limited edition Spooky Babe set before it goes away on November 1st, 2019.

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