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Top 3 tips for relaxing before your boudoir session | Northern NY Boudoir Photographer

Ok, you did had one moment of bravery and you booked your boudoir session...GREAT JOB! I'm so proud of you! It's really hard to put yourself out of your comfort zone but look at you, you rocked it. Next is the hardest part of getting your boudoir portraits taken: Showing up.

Syracuse Boudoir Photographer
Just show up, the rest is easy!

After photographing hundreds of women, I have found that being prepared is the best way to calm your nerves before the session. So, I have put together the Top Three Tips for relaxing before your boudoir session!

#1: Bring ALL of the options

During our boudoir sessions, we have time to shoot with up to 3 outfits. That doesn't mean you should bring 3...bring as many options as you can! I will help you narrow them down before your shoot. You will not be the first client to bring a suitcase (or two) full of lingerie and you will not be the last.

Luxury Boudoir photographer central ny
Think outside the lingerie box, what cool items do you have in your closet right now?

#2: Try it out

If you're buying something new, order it early to give you plenty of time for shipping. Also, try on all your options a week before your appointment so you know what fits and what you like the best. There is nothing worse than getting to your appointment and finding out your top choice doesn't fit...ask me how I know that. (Spoiler alert: I did just that for my very first boudoir session I had done for myself!)

Luxury Boudoir Studio serving Central NY
Reach out if you need wardrobe assistance, we are happy to help our clients pull together the perfect boudoir session wardrobe!

#3: What you say matters

One of my favorite pieces of advice is to change the word "nervous" to "excited" when you are thinking or talking about your boudoir session. The things that you say are so important so it's also helpful to decide on a favorite mantra or affirmation to repeat when you want to relax.

boudoir photos syracuse ny
If you could be worried or joyful....always choose joy!

Here are some examples: *I am brave enough to take chances.

*I acknowledge my own self worth.

*My confidence continues to grow.

*I am protected by the universe.

Grab your copy of The Dream Shoot Planner and create a plan to start creating a plan to reclaim your beauty and celebrate yourself and your life.

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