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Canton NY Photographer
Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer

Referrals are the best compliment we could ask for....

Do you know someone who could benefit from a boudoir session? 


At Sheer Lace Photography, we believe the best compliment we can receive is for you to refer your friends to our studio for a life changing boudoir session.  Aside from the heartwarming benefit of helping your friend reclaim her’ll save her some money on the session fee and also receive a great bonus!


Step 1: Have your friend fill out THIS FORM and include your name in the referral section.  


Step 2: After your friend has had her boudoir session at Sheer Lace Photography, we will send you a form for you to complete to select your referral bonus. Their referral offer cannot be combined with any other offers. 


We are so thrilled to be given the opportunity to THANK YOU! 


YOUR FRIEND will get half off her session fee plus a $100 credit towards the purchase of her collection. 


YOU will receive a thank you gift from us after your friend has her session and completes her photo order. You will receive a $50 gift card to the store of your choice OR a $100 gift card to redeem at Sheer Lace photography. (Only available for future orders and select payment plans) 

Redeem your gift card for: 
✔️Self Care (hair, nails, massage, etc.)
✔️Date night (movies, restaurant, bars)
✔️Support local small business (restaurants, tattoo artists, salons)
✔️Home Improvements (Lowes, Walmart, Amazon) 

✔️Come back into the studio with an extra $100 towards the purchase of your favorite collection. 

✔️Just about any place that sells gift cards or gift certificates! (restrictions apply, inquire for more details) 


- Lacey

certified professional boudoir photographer
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Watertown Boudoir Photography

Sheer Beauty A. 

I had such a wonderful experience!! They made me feel so comfortable and beautiful! Lacey poses you every step of the way which was a relief! I would definitely recommend her and want to go back. 

Northern NY Boudoir Portraits

Another Sheer Beauty says...

Lacey makes you feel so welcome as soon as you walk in the door. Just the idea of doing a boudoir shoot made me nervous but within only a few minutes of meeting Lacey all of my nerves were gone. She was absolutely wonderful and made the whole session so easy and fun!

syracuse boudoir photos
Northern NY Photographer

Ps. I've been a professional photographer for over 11 years!!

Here are what some of my past clients have had to say...

"My session was absolutely amazing! I was so nervous beforehand & I have no idea why now. It was so much fun & you feel nothing but comfortable throughout the shoot with this extremely talented photographer! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! I recommend every women experience a boudoir shoot once in their lives! Such a confidence booster! Thank you for everything Lacey!"
-T.H. Boudoir Client

"Sheer Lace Photography is beauty and grace captured in unforgettable moments. It's a wonderful thing that Lacey does, by capturing your every beauty that you thought you've never had nor believed you've had. I had an amazing experience and I could be ME the whole time. I high recommend Sheer Lace for all ages, no matter what size you are or what you look like. She will show you your own beauty and you'll love yourself in such a different way. Remember your all beautiful ladies!"
-E.L. Boudoir Client

Ok, so if you think this an experience you want to be considered for...apply today! I'll be choosing very soon! <3

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