Women in the North Country are booking boudoir shoots and why you should too! 



VIRTUAL SESSIONS are now live and ready for booking!! I'm super excited about this!! 

SOME STAY AT HOME FUN, I am offering virtual sessions, done through your smartphone or computer with expert posing and coach from me! These shoots are super fun, artistic and a great way to feel empowered, take a minute to yourself and get in touch with your inner goddess again, maybe even forget you are in lock down for a minute. 


So, if you're someone:

  • Who wants a lil pick me up

  • Who wants to feel empowered

  • Has wanted to shoot with me but couldn't due to distance or funds

  • Who needs a minute away from the kids

  • Wants the experience of having an awesome way to document this time in our lives

  • And who wants to embrace their sassiness


Then this may be for you 🥰

👉🏻 Here are the deets :

  • ♥️ A 30-45 minute boudoir shoot in your home, or anywhere the internet reaches via video chat

  • ♥️ My expert guidance to help you with posing, styling and wardrobe

  • ♥️ 5 Fully edited digital images delivered in 24 Hours

  • ✨ get your Empowering Boudoir Experience for ONLY $75😗

  • 😍Be the first to book and get a FREE additional digital image!


Ready to get started??

Ready to get started??


💣 Truth Bomb!💥

Look, we all have excuses but I truly believe that a boudoir experience can CHANGE YOUR LIFE even if it’s through a webcam! 🤯 You DON'T need…

  • 🛑 to have a clean and perfect house, pets are cool. 

  • 🛑 to have a perfect face of makeup (the webcam is super forgiving)

  • 🛑to have a quiet house, or an empty house, you can keep the baby monitor on. 

  • 🛑 to have a lot of time on your hands, we can do it during nap time!



You DO need...

  • 💚 to see yourself through someone else's eyes

  • 💚 to pamper yourself 

  • 💚 to do something for yourself for once

  • 💚 to LOVE yourself​


Behind The Lens

​Lacey first picked up her camera in 2008 and has been clicking ever since. Endless hours of learning, practicing, shooting, editing, researching and experimenting have resulted in her signature style that is clean, simple and asthetically pleasing and always striving for more.  For Lacey, photography has transformed from being a hobby to being a part of her identity.   Over the years, her life has evolved to quintessentially include the capturing of great memories and events whether personally or professionally.

Lacey has embraced boudoir portraiture since 2009 and is passionate about helping women achieve and embody high self-esteem, positive relationship influence and strength through independence.  Her experience is rich with creativity and possibility and her overall goal is to provide women with an avenue for exposing true beauty in it's most natural form.