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NY Boudoir Photographer
Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer

Now offering...

Confidence Checkups! 

Have you ever felt like there is something missing in your life? 


How much more success could you have in your relationships (family, partner, children, friends) if you could just figure this out?


Do you feel like there is an invisible rope that's holding you back?


How could a boudoir session open up possibilities in your life?

Over the course of my 12+ year career, I've seen a pattern in women's lives that is inhibiting them from breaking through that invisible boundary they are stuck in.  I've had a lot of experience helping women boost their confidence in their body, their vision in life and their self worth.  I'd love to help YOU work through the block that is inhibiting your confidence on this complimentary phone consultation.  

I specialize in helping women who are:

✔️ learning to appreciate their new "mom body"

✔️ accepting their body after weight loss or weight gain

✔️ discovering life after the loss of a partner to death or divorce

✔️ healing after physical and/or emotional traumas 

✔️ finding your worth after infidelity 

What have you got to lose? Schedule your appointment today. 

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boudoir photography nyc prices
boudoir photography vermont

Behind The Lens

​Lacey first picked up her camera in 2008 and has been clicking ever since. Endless hours of learning, practicing, shooting, editing, researching and experimenting have resulted in her signature style that is clean, simple and asthetically pleasing and always striving for more.  For Lacey, photography has transformed from being a hobby to being a part of her identity.   Over the years, her life has evolved to quintessentially include the capturing of great memories and events whether personally or professionally.

Lacey has embraced boudoir portraiture since 2009 and is passionate about helping women achieve and embody high self-esteem, positive relationship influence and strength through independence.  Her experience is rich with creativity and possibility and her overall goal is to provide women with an avenue for exposing true beauty in it's most natural form.

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