Behind The Lens

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​Lacey first picked up her camera in 2008 and has been clicking ever since. Endless hours of learning, practicing, shooting, editing, researching and experimenting have resulted in her signature style that is clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing and always striving for more.  For Lacey, photography has transformed from being a hobby to being a part of her identity.   Over the years, her life has evolved to quintessentially include the capturing of great memories and events whether personally or professionally.

Lacey has embraced boudoir portraiture since 2009 and is passionate about helping women achieve and embody high self-esteem, positive relationship influence and strength through independence.  Her experience is rich with creativity and possibility and her overall goal is to provide women with an avenue for exposing true beauty in it's most natural form.

In 2018, Lacey became the first Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer in New York State which is an advanced designation that is committed to elevating the standards and expectations to ensure that clients have a life changing professional experience each and every time. This simply means that Lacey is committed to ensuring you are given the time, space and tools required to help you reclaim your beauty.  In 2020, Lacey graduated from Stripped Down and is proficient in creating beautiful emotive images to not only make her clients look beautiful, but feel beautful and confident too!

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"I would recommend Sheer Lace if you are looking for a fun but classy boudoir shoot!"

Behind The Brushes

Meet some of the wonderful Hair and Makeup Artists of Northern NY

Lexi has been practicing and perfecting the art of makeup application for most of her life and pursued her license at Northwest Tech in 2017.  Her natural abilities as a hair and makeup artist make her work look effortless and impeccable. In addition to applying the perfect eyeliner wing and creating long lasting sexy curls, her superpower is to make every one of our clients feel calm and relaxed prior to their session.  

When she isn't helping women feel beautiful at her station in Salon 1020 or giving heavenly massages at her office at 1107 Linden Street, she likes to spend her time with her friends and family, being around animals and reading.  

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Cheryl is a master at her craft, from the flawless makeup contouring to  styling your hair.  She is known for selecting the perfect shade of red to dye your hair all across the North Country but she also ROCKS at changing hair to every color in the rainbow at her very own station at High Maintenance Salon. 

When she isn't helping women boost their confidence, she loves to spend time with her family, traveling and just basically "livin' her best life" in Northern, NY. 

Brandi has been helping women feel beautiful since 2015.   She became a licensed at the Art and Technique Hairstyling Academy.  When she isn't perfecting a hairstyle or continuing to learn makeup techniques, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and participating in WWII reenactments.  

Brandi is an independent Hair and Makeup Artist and sets up shop in the Sheer Lace Studio for your comfort and convenience.  She is great at calming nerves and making you feel relaxed and comfortable prior to the session along with enhancing your natural beauty with her wide variety of supplies.  

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