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NY Boudoir Photographer
Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer

Behind The Lens

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Lacey is a boudoir photographer and mother of two, who lives in a small town in Upstate NY. She opened her photography business in 2009 and decided to focus on boudoir after her second child was born. 

She has a wonderful boyfriend, two adorable children, two cute pups and The Queen, her Maine Coon cat. She loves all things boudoir and she's not afraid to talk about any of it! When she's not photographing women to show off their beauty, she can be found renovating her old Victorian Mansion in Lisbon, NY and documenting the whole process. In the winter, she loves to sit and crochet by the fireplace and in the summer she loves to take her dog, Josie, for long walks by the beach. 

She loves helping women own their power, showing them how great they are and how beautiful they are. She wants to show them how beautiful they already are, how much they already have, how strong they already are, how amazing they are and how beautiful they already are. To empower them to stand in their own power, and create real and lasting change through self-love, acceptance and confidence is her mission.

She has a blog and a Facebook group called The Confidence Community where she shares many of her client stories and inspiration with other local women. She loves supporting women to feel good about themselves. 

Lacey is committed to making sure you feel beautiful and confident inside and out. She became the first Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer in New York State in 2018 and a Stripped Down graduate in 2020. This means that she is able to help her clients reclaim their beauty through beautiful emotive images. 

Watertown NY Boudoir Photographer
Upstate NY Photoghpher
Syracuse NY Boudoir Photographer

"I would recommend Sheer Lace if you are looking for a fun but classy boudoir shoot!"

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