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Welcome Back, Radiant Queens! 🌟


Nikki, Crystal Moon & Co in Malone, NY

Lacey, Sheer Lace Photography in Lisbon, NY

Remember that magical weekend at the Radiance Retreat? Well, guess what? The magic doesn't end there – it's just getting started! We're here to sprinkle a little more enchantment into your life with an offer as dazzling as you are.

Who Are We
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What's up?!

Hi! I'm Sheer Lace and I'm a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer in Lisbon NY. Reclaim your beauty with a boudoir experience at Sheer Lace Photography where we are proudly serving Northern NY, Central NY and Vermont.  We created some magic with The Mini Power Session now let's keep that going with your very own boudoir session!  Give me a few hours and I will have you leaving the studio with CONFIDENCE!


BOUDOIR TRIALS - Now $99 (Regularly $199 + tax)

What's inside the magic box?

  • 💖 VIP Customer Service

  • 💪 Empowering session with Lacey

  • 📸 Expert posing for every body type

  • 👗 One outfit + in the sheets look

  • 🖼️ Two digital files to capture your radiance

Albums, wall art, and additional digital files available for purchase, starting at $250.

FULL BOUDOIR SESSIONS - Now $150 (Regularly $300 + tax)

What's the full scoop?

  • 💖 VIP Customer Service

  • 💄 Appointment with our pro hair and makeup artist

  • ⏰ 1-hour session with Lacey, complete with pose and facial coaching

  • 👗 3 outfit changes to showcase all your fabulous sides

  • 🎉 Same day viewing of your glamorous gallery

  • 💰 $100 print credit towards your collection purchase

Choose from our stunning products starting at $250 or elevate with Collections starting at $1800.

New Product Alert!

Our most popular albums are available to purchase and start at $1800. The new Mini Albums are the perfect compliment to a mini boudoir session! When you invest in a Mini Album, you'll know you're getting an album that is quality made, with a cover you love, and when you see your images in it you'll get a confidence boost! Mini Albums are great for more budget conscious customers who still want a beautiful album to treasure. The 10-12 image album is the ultimate way to keep the most important images in your hands without breaking the bank and are available for only $600.


Not sure you're ready yet? Read what these babes had to say about their experience : :

"Sheer Lace Photography is amazing! I've never went out of my comfort zone as much as I did for this shoot. Lacey is fantastic by making you feel so comfortable and welcome. Lexi did my hair and makeup. She made me feel unstoppable and beautiful. Women empowering women makes my heart happy. Overall, this was an exciting experience which reminded me of my power by simply being a woman. I'm tempted to do it again next year!"

~Sheer Beauty N

"ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! I had the most amazing session with Lacey today. What a transformation Lexi and Lacey made. I felt more beautiful today than I have in a very very long time. If I do say so I am one hot Grammie. Thank you Lacey from the bottom of my heart"

~Sheer Beauty S

"I absolutely was nervous! I told Lacey, I almost called and told her I was sick. I didn’t want to go! However I am working on my own willpower, and told myself, JUST GO! Don’t be that person! I’m so glad I did. Lacey made me feel so comfortable! She expressed how great I’d do. Helped with my clothing choice, and was such a joy to work with! I even told her she was a great “hype” girl!"

~Sheer Beauty J

"I have always struggled with confidence and feeling comfortable with my body. After my divorce, I spent a lot of time working on self love and appreciating the skin I'm in. It's been a tough journey and I am still growing my confidence. I wanted to participate in a boudoir shoot to celebrate my body as it is for the first time. I was very nervous before my shoot. I felt confident that I would not be directable enough to get a good photo. Lacey had me take a deep breath before we started and then made the environment fun and relaxed. My favorite part of the experience was that it was light and fun. I didn't feel a lot of pressure to pose just right or be too serious."

~Sheer Beauty S

"My journey to self love is constantly on-going. This was a huge step out of my comfort zone and SO WORTH IT! I was so excited the day before, then I woke up the morning of my shoot and was extremely nervous.  Lacey explained to me how everything was going to go. She reminded me to breathe and breathed with me the entire time. She made sure I was comfortable and talked me through everything."

~Sheer Beauty S

"Thank you Lacey, for giving women this gift of self confidence.  We look down on ourselves so much mostly because of others, which is a horrible reason to doubt ourselves.  I highly recommend for all women, all ages, shapes and sizes to add this to their bucket lists.  To see yourself through Lacey's lens is so enlightening and will do your heart and mind so much good."

~Sheer Beauty S

Truth Bomb!


Look, we all have excuses but I truly believe that a boudoir experience can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You DON'T need...

  • to lose X pounds

  • to get into better shape

  • to have a significant other to gift the photos to.


You DO need...

  • to see yourself through someone else's eyes

  • to pamper yourself

  • to put yourself first once in a while

  • to LOVE yourself

If you wait until you hit a certain point, you'll likely be waiting forever!

So STOP making excuses as to why you can't do this and START giving yourself reasons TO do this! Give yourself permission to FEEL GOOD!

This isn't just a quick experience that fades away, like a manicure! This is an experience that helps you to see your true beauty! And your photos will be a lasting keepsake to remind you when you start to forget!

So, what are you waiting for?? You ain't getting any younger!

***Cannot be combine with any other offer. For new bookings only***


Booking Bonus:

Albums, wall art and additional digital files sold separately. Prepay for a collection and save money! Save $50 off the digital collection, $100 of a mini album and $200 on both! 


Got Questions??

Reach out with your questions, I am happy to help guide you with booking your boudoir experience! 

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